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Bede’s is delighted to announce the launch of our Sports Development Programme (SDP) – an initiative specially designed for our Sports Scholars.

The SDP has evolved from previous sports programmes offered to pupils at Bede’s, and uses all the best parts of these past initiatives to offer the most effective personal and holistic development of our athletes.

The SDP offers a range sessions which stand apart from the more technical and tactical sessions they receive in our Sporting Academies. Elements of psychology, nutrition, lifestyle management and additional physical support will form the nucleus of the year’s sessions.

Bede’s offers Individual and Team Awards for Sport.  An Individual Award is only given for our three core sports – Cricket, Hockey or Football. Applications from those who have significant achievements in other sports, particularly netball, swimming and tennis, will be considered for a Team Award and will trial in their chosen sport and one of our core sports. 

The Sports Scholarship programme also entitles Scholars in our core sports and tennis automatic access to our year round timetabled academies at Yr 9, L6 and U6, which offer an additional 3 hours of expert coaching over a fortnight including expert strength and conditioning.

We have positioned our sports purposefully, with three ‘Core Sports’ (Cricket, Football and Hockey), followed by three ‘Competitive Sports’ (Netball, Swimming and Tennis), and a number of ‘Support Sports’. We aim for every sport to be of the highest quality, with each as important as the other. No matter which sport a child partakes in, the ambition is for every individuals sporting experience to be incredible.

David Byrne, Director of Sport, comments, “The SDP is a great opportunity for all our Sports Scholars. For Bede’s to be able combine the knowledge of all of our elite coaches within the Trust and supplement this with outstanding external coaches offers a fantastic opportunity for our pupils.”

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David Byrne
Coming from my background in the professional leisure industry, I can say with some authority that the opportunities Bede's students have, both in terms of coaching and facilities, are absolutely outstanding.

David Byrne, Director of Sport and Player Development Coach

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