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Boys at Bede’s have access to all Academy Sports as well as our 20-plus Sports Clubs.

For our top-flight athletes, this will often mean year round training in their specialist areas as supported by our Directors of Sport in Cricket, Football, Hockey and Tennis, including via one-to-one coaching, to offer those pupils up to 20 hours per week of sport. 

More generally, the majority of boys play Football in the Autumn Term, Hockey in the Spring Term and Cricket in the Summer, with the school fielding 1st, 2nd, U15A and B and U14 A and B teams at a bare minimum. From year to year, 3rd, 4th and a range of C and D teams might also be fielded, as well as U16 and U19 sides in certain circumstances.

Supporting individuals and teams through the Sports Academies in terms of training regimens, dietary advice and mental and physical health is Bede’s full-time Strength and Conditioning Coach Tony Morriss, who works out of Bede’s cutting-edge Fitness Suite.

In addition to the three ‘core’ sports, pupils may also opt to join one of Bede’s many Sports Clubs including the likes of Athletics, Rugby Sevens, Squash, Basketball and Swimming.

Although these Sports Clubs do not necessarily enjoy the same levels of involvement from boys at Bede’s as the ‘core’ sports, each still fields at least a 1st team, scholarships and one-to-one training are also available in each, and each also offers pupils specialist coaching of the very highest standard.

Many individuals from Bede’s Club sports go on to represent the County, Region and Country in their respective disciplines as, of course, do members of our Sports Academies, but it is also of note that Bede’s supports a diverse range of non-competitive sporting and fitness activities.

From yoga to meditation, boxing fitness to ‘free gym’ sessions within the Co-Curricular timetable, there is something for everyone in the Bede’s Sports programme, and our programme is always evolving depending on pupil demand and feedback from the very vocal School Council.

David Byrne
Coming from my background in the professional leisure industry, I can say with some authority that the opportunities Bede's students have, both in terms of coaching and facilities, are absolutely outstanding.

David Byrne, Head of Sport and Player Development Coach

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Sport for Boys staff

Aside from academia, I believe in helping students to develop social skills and encourage them to cooperate, share and help others.

David Caryer, Director of Football, Teacher of Physical Education and Knights House Tutor

The best thing about my job is seeing a student I'm coaching smile because they have achieved something new, improved or had a breakthrough. It gives me a huge buzz.

Alan Wells, Director of Cricket and Stud House Tutor

A large part of my life has been dedicated to proving that careers in Hockey are completely possible for those with drive, talent and determination.

Kevin Johnson, Director of Hockey, Teacher of Physical Education and Dorter House Tutor