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The Bede's Golf team may be one of the smaller sporting teams in the school, with the team normally consisting of 6 players for most of the matches, but it is a team which enjoys a variety of challenges and experiences.

The philosophy is very much to get the players out there, on as many different courses as possible, playing against many different schools and colleges in friendlies, but also in Cup games.

An important principle is that the more courses that you get to play, the better you will become!

Over the years the Bede's team has played against well over a dozen different schools and on 20 different courses.

The Team play in the ISGA Matchplay (3 singles matches) and the HMC Foursomes Matchplay (3 pairs.) The team have regularly enjoyed regional success in these tournaments.

The team has had some very successful and impressive players over the years, with 4 ex-Bede's golfers either now playing professional golf, or playing to a very high amateur standard. Two ex-Bede's golfers are currently studying golf at American universities.

The team meet once a week, to practice or to play 9 holes at a local course.

The school enjoys having its own 7 hole course on site, looking down across the School site on one side and looking up to the South Downs on the other.

Chris Betts
In the globalised world of tablets, cloud computing and the Creative Commons, few things could be as important as ensuring that we all take an active and constructive role in our physical and digital communities.

Chris Betts, Head of Golf, Head of ICT and Computing and Dorter House Tutor