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Netball at Bede's is and always has been a force to be reckoned with.

We have been three-times Sussex Champions and twice regional champions and are always looking for girls who can join our Netball Club and contribute to our team ethos.

Our provision in the Junior years enriches and filters pupils. We teach many of the pupils more than coach them, as often girls will come to us knowing nothing about Netball, so it is our job to see ability and turn that into talent.

Working with Sussex University and local clubs, such as the Heathfield Panthers and Surrey Storm, we the go on to produce high calibre players while emphasising fun and pupil involvement.

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No matter how old or experienced a player is however, we instil in every one of them a respect for teamwork, because no one can do it alone, and a hunger to never stop learning, because no one is the finished product, even the very best players.

I always tell our players that if their heart is in it then the sky is the limit, and I truly believe that.

With enough passion, girls at Bede's can achieve the impossible. I know it can happen, because I have seen it.

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The facilities and coaches at Bede's make it an ideal place for a budding sportsperson.

Mary-Jane Newbery, Head of Physical Education and Bloomsbury House Tutor

I believe that physical fitness is one of the most important keys to a healthy body, and that it forms the basis of a creative, intellectual mind.

Tony Morriss, Strength and Conditioning Coach