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Rounders is a firm favourite amongst the girls at Bede's Senior School in the Summer Term.

They look forward to the long summer evenings that present and opportunity for them to be part of a team.

Rounders emphasises enjoyment and participation and the girls enjoy the break from the seriously competitive nature of Netball and Hockey. However; Rounders is still played in competitive matches with a fixture list against other schools in the area.

We field 7 Rounders teams across the age ranges and most are given an opportunity to play for the School at some point during the season. 

There are 4 Rounders pitches on our playing fields and these are fully utilised for practices and matches.

Rounders is a very traditional school game, we aim to enthuse the pupils into a life-long love of the game through our dedicated and passionate coaches.


Rounders staff


I love helping students to grow, develop and reach beyond what they ever thought possible. The greatest reward is seeing young students transform into mature, capable adults.

Mary Leggett, Head of Partnerships and Social Responsibility