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Bede’s Senior School offers a swimming programme to cater for all, from the elite to the novice or fitness-focused swimmer.

Elite swimmers, including those on Scholarship Programmes, have the availability of up to 14 hours swimming training, incorporating 2 morning sessions and 5 evening sessions a week.

In addition, Strength and Conditioning sessions are run to work on overall power, fitness and endurance. 

The competitive swimming programme is run in partnership with Hailsham Swimming Club and provides a greater range of competitive experience at County to National Level, including numerous team events throughout the year.

Pupils can also benefit from the structured swimming sessions run as part of the Co-Curricular Programme 3 days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). This offers pupils the opportunity to work on their swimming fitness, technique and skills in less of a competitive environment.

Bede’s also continues to produce swimmers from County to National Level and supports their development through the Sports Scholarship Programme. 

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