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Jack Brown Target Rifle Shooting Shooting: Bede's Success at Westminster Meet

Target Rifle Shooting is an unusual sport in many ways.

Men and women compete directly against each other on an entirely equal footing, with little or no handicapping and you can find yourself shooting alongside a young shooter of 14/15 and an elderly gentleman of 70-something and get beaten by them both! 

Shooting represents a set of life skills, in that to be successful it is necessary for the individual to learn skills such as concentration, the ability to compete under pressure and teamwork. 

School shooting takes place at Ringmer RBL Rifle Club and the school competes against other schools in shoulder-to-shoulder matches as well as competing in the BSSRA (British Schools Smallbore Rifle Association) leagues.

Shooting attracts pupils from every part of the school, including some who play the main team sports and others who have little or no interest in sport per se. 

Places are necessarily limited to the number that can be seated on a minibus and the activity runs on two days a week, with an additional invitation-only session for those competing for the Shooting Team.

In recent years the School has had a number of pupils who have been included in English Schools development squads and last year we had one student selected for England in the Schools National Match in which he competed with distinction.

Bill Richards
Teaching is my second career, perhaps that is why I enjoy it so much. I try to convey that enthusiasm to my pupils.

Bill Richards, Head of Shooting, Teacher of Mathematics, Camberlot House Tutor and Activities Manager

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