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Be Wise

Only through experience can a person truly learn.

For this reason, Bede’s offers children an unrivalled breadth of opportunities that push everyone to try new things, master old ones, and in time come to know themselves.

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Our Values about Wise

Be Honourable

Knowing right from wrong is one thing, but the will to act is something else.

At Bede’s, we encourage children to experiment and test their judgements, enabling the development of moral fortitude through effort, empathy and service.

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Our Values about Honourable

Be Ambitious

Nobody truly knows their own capabilities, let alone anyone else’s.

As such, Bede’s helps every child to see that belief is more powerful than doubt, and that true success can only come from aiming high and failing upwards.

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Our Values about Ambitious

Be Curious

The drive to understand is an innate part of being human.

This is why we at Bede’s we are steadfast advocates for wonder, and empower every child to follow their noses, exploring and embracing their interests as they go.

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Our Values about Curious

Who We Are

Bede's is an independent, co-educational school located on two stunning sites, one by the sea in Eastbourne and one in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

We offer education from the age of 3 months through to 18 years old and pride ourselves on discovering and developing the talents of each and every pupil.

Bede’s is a school where every girl and boy is encouraged to aspire to be the best they can be, but most importantly they are empowered to enjoy their learning.

Bede's is a colourful and busy place, with lots of energy and a delightful rhythm. We are welcoming, kind and extremely ambitious for all of our pupils.

Bede's Highlight


Bede’s Legat Dance Academy is designed for talented and passionate dancers who are aspiring and committed to pursuing a career in dance.

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Life at Bede's

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Bede's Highlight

Bede's Zoo

Bede’s Zoo currently cares for some 70 species of animal, and provides an attractive, unconventional pathway to academic discovery and change.

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Inside Bede's


I was proud to launch Bede's Talks, an initiative that raises awareness of student mental health. We have a really strong community at Bede's; everyone supports one another, and you are given a platform to promote the things that really matter to you.


I’m Bede’s born and bred, and I have genuinely never met anyone who has joined and said they preferred their old school.


I love exploring, and one of my favourite things to do is have art and maths lessons on the beach.


Playing cricket professionally has always been a dream of mine, and the support network I have at Bede's is making this possible. The coaches are amazing and constantly push you to achieve.


The teachers at Bede's Prep really listen to your ideas and encourage you to learn in lots of fun ways. I feel very happy and at home here.


I have been at Bede’s for 10 years, and the training I have received means I can choose the future I want.


Everyone is so kind here. We are challenged to achieve our goals and expectations are high, but there is so much support. It's great to be able to feel like you can be completely yourself at school.


My introverted nature meant that I was never going to prosper at my old school, but Bede’s has enabled me to flourish.