CEO's Welcome

Every child is unique, each possessing hidden talents which wait, like treasure, longing to be unearthed.

At Bede's, we foster a community of discovery which encourages every individual to find and develop these passions, seek new horizons, develop lasting friendships and achieve their potential.

By presenting our pupils with the prospect of innovation, exploration and experimentation, all the while championing choice at every turn, we imbue each Bedian with the confidence to say that they excel at those things which they value most.

We are also, significantly, firm believers that if children are happy during their time in school then their happiness will inform their successes – so much so that every teacher and pupil at Bede’s is united by the idea that if we support one another and work hard then we can all exceed every expectation.

This culture of support and determination enables Bede’s to nurture inquisitive minds and, in combination with the opportunities our campus provides, create the conditions for unforgettable memories.

The more time I spend here the more I realise that this is a truly remarkable place. As such, I hope that your discovery of our school will mark the beginning of a new journey full of joy, knowledge and exhilarating challenges.

Peter Goodyer