Academic Enrichment

At Bede’s we believe that what happens outside the classroom can be just as important as what happens within it. 

Providing expansive and inspiring opportunities for our pupils to experience life outside our campus is an important part of this philosophy. For this reason, our Academic Enrichment Programme is rich and varied including trips and visits, workshops, masterclasses and competitions. 

At the Prep School, our academically-focussed trips are seamlessly incorporated into the curriculum and are designed to enrich pupils’ learning.  Whether that be a whole school trip to Windsor Castle, a trip to Birmingham to learn about the Industrial Revolution or a stay at a French chateau to practice newly learnt vocabulary, we are always seeking new ways to bring lessons to life outside the classroom.

At the Senior School, students benefit from a whole range of trips and visits, including conferences such as STEM Sisters in Houston Texas, to lectures at the BFI, visits to the Mini production line to see design and technology in perfect combination or simply a trip to our local but world-renowned Charleston Festival.

We also welcome into both our Schools a range of expert speakers and practitioners, who can inspire and motivate pupils to discover a love of a subject which goes beyond the curriculum. 

Our Masterclass Programme also allows pupils with a particular passion for a subject to consider topics at a deeper level preparing them for study at the next level.

Academic Enrichment at Bede's Prep

Academic Enrichment at Bede's Senior School