Academic Values

Bede’s prides itself on personalising education to suit every child, making school fit around the individual rather than the other way around.


In our Nursery, matchless care and a discovery-approach to learning prepare children to enter the classroom.

Our Prep School then emphasises the practical sides of learning to complement the abstract, concrete skills taught in traditional classroom environments.

Then a whole world of learning opens up at Bede’s Senior School, with dozens of subjects, expert teachers and outstanding learning facilities and resources available to boarders and day pupils alike.

Children at Bede’s Senior School are pushed out of their comfort zones in the First Year, are supported and enriched in the Fifth Form, and the whole experience then culminates in our Sixth Form.

Bede's pupils

Bede's Sixth Form prepares pupils for life, University and those all-important end of school exams.

three pupils learning