Angela Morgan "Mossi"
Leigh-Anne Morris, Senior Deputy Head at Bede's Prep School
Angela Morgan

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Angela Morgan passed away on 8/11/22.

Angela was known to many as Mossi. She was a much-loved and popular member of the Bede's family who leaves behind a legacy of memories. Mossi worked across the Trust for nearly 40 years and was unwavering in the commitment she showed to the school. 

We are indebted to Mossi for her steadfast service to the school. She always knew what was happening whether she was in school or not. Mossi started working for St.Bede's in 1983 at the Senior School initially, before moving to the Prep School where she worked until 2019 as a teacher and more recently she was responsible for keeping in touch with Alumni and managing the archives.

Our thoughts and sincere condolences are with Mossi's family and friends at this difficult time.