Boarding School Sussex

Bede's is an independent, co-educational school with boarding options for pupils aged 3 months to 18 years. Bede's have two stunning sites - the Preparatory School; by the sea in Eastbourne, and the Senior School; in the heart of the Sussex countryside. 

We pride ourselves on discovering and developing the talents of each and every pupil. Bede's is a school where every girl and boy is encouraged to be the best that they can be, and they are empowered to enjoy their learning.

Bede's is a colourful and busy place, with lots of energy and a delightful rhythm. We are welcoming, kind and ambitious for all of our pupils. We encourage each and every individual to develop their passions, seek new horizons and achieve their potential. 

Bedes Senior Drone

Bede's Senior School, Upper Dicker

prep aerial

Bede's Preparatory School, Eastbourne

Boarding at Bede's Senior School

Bede's Senior School offers full and weekly boarding options as well as day boarding. Bede's boasts five stunning boarding houses, two of which were recognised by the Institute of Chartered Surveyors in 2013 for their Outstanding Design and Innovation. 

Bede's boarding houses have been designed to provide the best possible environments for teenagers living away from home. All of the houses have a range of 3-5 person rooms for First Year pupils, 2-4 person rooms for Fifth Form pupils, and a range of 1-3 person rooms for Sixth Form pupils, all with high speed Wi-Fi running from 6am until 10pm.

Each has its own array of modern washroom and shower facilities, many which are en-suite. Each has their own kitchens for use by boarders during break times and after school.

Every house at Bede's is centred around a well-equipped social area containing quite and cosy corners, airy and open areas, and stress-busting activities including pool and table-football, video game consoles and board games. 

Boarders share a bedroom with other boarders of a similar age. This helps them to make friends! There are pin boards in every bedroom so boarders can put up posters. Each boarder has storage for essential items - a wardrobe, a desk drawer, a book shelf and on top of a desk. 

You can read our Senior School Boarding information booklet here.

Boarding at Bede's Prep School

Bede's Prep School offers full, weekly and flexi-boarding options as well as day boarding. Bede's Prep has one boarding house - 'Meads End' which provides the perfect setting for pupils to take advantage of the activities and facilities on offer at Bede's Prep School as well as the wonderful seafront location. 

Here is a summary of our options:

Full Boarding - This option allows pupils to take advantage of the programme of weekend activities, as well as the weekday activities.

Weekly Boarding - Our Weekly Boarders stay at Meads End during the school week and return home on Friday evenings, returning to School on Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Flexi-Boarding - Along with the weekly boarding option, flexi-boarding provides a family-friendly option for children to stay a couple of nights during the school week.