Life as a Day Pupil

The shape of the school week varies a little depending on age.

At Bede's Prep, the school day begins at 8.25am for all pupils with some opting to join our breakfast club. Many children come in on the school bus service from across the From Reception through to Year 2 the day finishes for pupils around 4pm and then a little later at 5.20pm as pupils move through the school and take advantage of the activities offered. Late stay through to 6pm is also offered. 

prep pupils

When pupils move up to the Senior School, they join one of Bede’s day houses or join as Day Boarder, attached to one of the boarding houses. Pupils register in their house and meet with their personal tutor as well as relax during lunch breaks. Most day houses have different rooms for each of the year groups with a combination of relaxed seating and desks, particularly in the Sixth Form rooms so pupils can work comfortably during free periods.

pupils in sixth form centre
2 pupils walking around lake