The Pastoral System

Bede’s has long been renowned for the quality of its pastoral care.

At the Prep School it is the Form Teachers who lead this important area of work in the School. In the junior years, most teaching is done by the Form Teacher and they therefore develop a rich understanding of each child’s needs and their learning journey.

As they progress into the senior years at the Prep School and begin being taught by specialist teachers, the Form Teacher’s role evolves to be more akin to the Personal Tutor they will have as they move into the Senior School; they of course see each pupils daily but are liberated to support pupils by taking an overview of their progress, helping them as they plan their goals and futures and reflect on the young person they are becoming. As well as being part of a form group, all pupils and staff also belong to one of four Sections and compete throughout the year for Section points and in competitions such as the Section Music. 

pupils smiling

The transition through to the Senior School is a seamless one; the Head of Years 7 and 8 who develops a deep understanding of the character, needs and potential for each child in these senior years meets with the Head of First Year at the Senior School to pass on this knowledge ensuring that the move through to the Senior School is as smooth as possible.

At the Senior School, the House system which essentially operates as a “school within a school” ensures that each pupil feels familiar and grounded within days of starting. The Housemaster or Housemistress is supported by their team of House Tutors as well as the House Prefects.

girls boarding house

Tutors typically oversee 10-12 tutees and meet with them daily either in their tutor groups or one to one.  This regular contact time ensures that tutors get to know their tutees quickly, supporting them in all aspects of their life at Bede’s Senior School.