The School Week

The shape of the school week varies depending on your age. As pupils grow up the School Day becomes a little longer, finishing with Activities sessions, with fixtures played on Wednesday afternoons.  

At the Senior School, the day concludes just before 5pm with the option for all pupils to stay for prep or to attend a range of activities and masterclasses which take place during the evening.

Pupils opting to stay late, or day boarders who stay late three or four nights per week, are able to have supper before going home on the late bus at 7.15pm. Activities, including sports training, is integrated into the School week, running on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 

Additionally, whilst the Senior School does not have lessons on Saturday mornings, it does offer a full Weekend Programme of activities and enrichment which all pupils are welcome to attend. Most fixtures also take place on Saturdays. Across both schools there are weekly assemblies and chapel.