Advantages of Boarding at Bede's
Ros Nairne, Director of Admissions

“A real atmosphere of family… brotherhood,” was how one pupil described their boarding experience at Bede’s. Deciding whether boarding is right for you or your child is a huge decision and one that you need plenty of information on in order to feel confident in your choice. Boarding pupils have the chance to fully immerse themselves in their education and gain valuable skills that will see them through to later life. Read on to discover more benefits of boarding and what it is like to board at Bede’s Senior School.

1. A sense of community and belonging - At Bede’s, our boarding houses are made up of between 70-80 pupils per house who are organised into family groups of 10, spanning the year groups, who all look out for each other. ‘Compassion’ is one of our four values at Bede’s - we believe that a caring community fosters belonging and this is even more prevalent within our boarding houses. As pupils live and study together, they form strong friendships which last a lifetime. A sense of belonging leads to happier pupils, which positively affects their academic performance.

2. Maximum time to enjoy co-curricular activities - At Bede’s, we believe that education should be tailored to each individual’s passions. We present our pupils with the prospect of innovation, exploration and experimentation, to ensure every Bedian has the confidence to excel at the things which they value the most. There are over 100 clubs and activities for pupils to participate in. Partaking in these activities is easier than ever for boarding pupils, allowing them to try different activities, develop new skills and identify their passions. 

3. Develop independence skills - Being away from home means that pupils have to depend on themselves more. Vital life skills are taught within the boarding house including how to do simple chores and manage their time effectively. 

4. Develop social skills - Our boarding pupils make lifelong friends and improve their social skills. They learn to problem-solve and communicate with each other in order to build strong working relationships. We have boarding pupils join us from across the globe. As a community, our pupils learn about each other's cultures and embrace diversity.

5. The perfect learning environment - Boarding pupils are immersed in their education for longer than the standard school day. Our boarders are given allocated times to complete Prep work after school. They also have a wide range of facilities to help them with their learning and tasks. With no travelling to and from school, there is plenty of time to catch up on studies and make the most out of the on-site facilities at Bede’s. 

6. More quality time with family during the holidays - For boarders, time spent with their families at weekends or during the holidays becomes true quality time. Valuable time together is free from any distractions or burdens that may occur during the usual working week. 

At Bede’s Senior School, we offer flexible boarding options to suit your family and lifestyle. We remain committed to a full boarding culture, whilst also offering other weekly and day boarding options. We continue to invest resources in order to ensure that there is a comprehensive provision of care, support and enrichment to those pupils who remain in school at the weekends. We provide weekly boarding places, where pupils board throughout the week, leaving on a Friday evening or lunchtime on Saturday. They return to School on Sunday evening or Monday morning, allowing them a full weekend with their family. We offer day boarding, for pupils who stay at school in the evening for prep and supper, taking the late bus service home which leaves at 7.15pm. 

Bede’s boasts five stunning boarding houses, two of which were recognised by the Institute of Chartered Surveyors in 2013 for their Outstanding Design and Innovation. Our new boarding house is currently in development, taking on its first occupants in September 2022. The stunning new development will include modern facilities and accommodate 70 pupils. It boasts numerous breakout rooms and communal areas. See the latest images of our new boarding house development below (taken June 2022):

dorms boarding house
dorms boarding house
dorms boarding house
dorms boarding house bathroom
Dorms 4
dorms boarding house
dorms boarding house


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