Bede's MUN team attend conference at Felsted School
Upper Sixth Pupil, Ollie Robson

Read a summary of the conference below by Upper Sixth pupil, Ollie Robson:

There were many different types of students attending this conference - for some, this was their first conference; for others, it was their last. I was part of the latter group, along with my fellow delegate Joseph Connolly. This influenced our attitudes towards this conference, prompting a fierce passion among all the delegates to debate well and achieve even more.

When we arrived, we had to hit the ground running - all of us reading the fast-track resolutions for our respective committees, and drafting speeches. After an opening ceremony, all delegates headed off to debate. In Security Council, the right honourable Secretary General Hau Tak Ng and fellow delegate Ben Barlow, the delegates for Brazil and Ecuador respectively, through heated debate and many POI’s, managed to subdue a resolution by the delegate of Belarus aimed at clearing Belarus and Russia of all sanctions. In Historic Security Council, I was tasked with commandeering the course of the debate and passing a resolution on the Cuban Missile Crisis in which Cuba was allowed to keep nuclear missiles. In the evening, we upheld our MUN tradition of going to a bowling alley followed by a meal, then back to the hotel rooms for either sleep or preparations for the next day

During day two, it was much the same as day one; Joseph Connolly joined the group and immediately helped Pippa and Jemima in the Auditorium, and - although no clauses got passed - I’m sure the level of debate from all was very high. In Security Council, Hau Tak faced better conditions and managed to pass a recently written ad-hoc resolution on Myanmar. Also, I managed to pass my second resolution during this day on the topic of the Algerian War of Independence.

The last event of the day was General Assembly. After the last speeches were made in individual committees, we were all gathered to listen to a guest speaker and then watched a news report of China using a cyber-weapon on the people of Taiwan. Everyone in the committee hall scrambled to draft a resolution. There was myself and the delegate of Colombia whom I worked well with in HSC collaborating and Hau Tak made one for Brazil. However it would be our Finnish delegation - specifically Jo - who would take centre stage as the “best resolution submitted” and thus the resolution we debated. After a fierce 90 minute debate, we made a resolution that passed by a majority in the house.

Overall it was a decent turnout for awards: myself from HSC and Barack from Ecology both receiving Commended Delegate awards for Bede’s, and the Finnish delegation winning “Best Resolution” in GA.

Finally, we as an MUN group want to thank Mr McIntosh and Mrs Webster for organising this event. Even though I am officially retiring from MUN, I consider it a pleasure to have participated in and worked alongside everyone in this group, and I am excited to hear about any further conferences in the future.

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