Bede's Senior School Pupils Achieve Remarkable Success in GCSE Results
Peter Goodyer, Headmaster

Bede's Senior School is pleased to announce exceptional success in this year's GCSE results, demonstrating an improvement from the pre-pandemic results of 2019. These results not only showcase the dedication and hard work of both pupils and teachers, but they also reinforce the School's commitment to academic excellence and holistic development.

Scout Allen from Brighton and Rafe Coetser from Forest Row gained 12 and 10 GCSEs respectively, including 9 results at grade 9 level. Amelia Burden from Buxted gained 13 GCSEs, including 9 results at grades 9-8.  Other achievements of note include Anna Scott from Haywards Heath who gained 10 GCSEs including 7 at the very top grade and Megan Lilley from Laughton who gained 11 GCSEs, including 8 at grades 8-9, Delphi Callen Dickens from Seaford who gained 10 grades at 9-8 level and Josh Ting from Hong Kong who gained 9 GCSEs including 7 at grades 9-8.  

Deputy Head, John Tuson commented, “It is such a delight to be able to congratulate those who have scored massively well across the board - with a third of all pupils gaining five or more grades at 9-7 (the equivalent of A*-A) there are so many real success stories. But as always this is only part of the picture, and the success of young people cannot always be seen from such headline figures. For many this year, those who have achieved fewer GCSEs, or maybe less obviously spectacular grades, their results still represent an absolute triumph.”

Headmaster, Peter Goodyer commented, “By tailoring education to individual strengths, fostering critical thinking, and instilling a lifelong love for learning, our teachers have empowered pupils to exceed their potential and these results are testament to that. I could not be more proud of our pupils' achievements and of the well rounded young people that they have become.”

pupil opening results
Pupil opening results
Pupil opening results
Pupil opening results
Group photo of GCSE pupils

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