Bede's Staff participate in the Beachy Head Marathon
Charlotte Sutton, Director of Advancement

On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October, 24 members of staff from across the Bede’s Trust tackled the Beachy Head Marathon, 10km and Ultra Marathon, together covering over 400km and 11,074 metres in elevation. Together the team have raised funds for Sixth Form Transformational Bursaries.

Peter and David

CEO and Head Peter Goodyer commented, "The Bede's community embraced the opportunity to be a part of the Beachy Head marathon, a remarkable event that not only tested our endurance but also fueled our passion for making a difference. Running for the Bede's Foundation, we know that the true essence of achievement lies not only in reaching the finish line but in the lives that our bursary programme could transform. The Foundation has an unwavering commitment to change lives and I am most grateful to all those members of the Bede's community who braved the elements and took on the Beachy Head course for this cause."

David Byrne

Despite the challenging weather conditions, Team Bede’s remained undeterred. Director of Sport, David Byrne, who undertook the Ultra Marathon on Saturday said: “Despite less than ideal weather conditions, the unwavering support from people who braved the elements to cheer us on was fantastic. I'm immensely grateful to my family and friends. I want to extend my thanks to all those who played a part in organising the event. Their dedication and hard work made it possible for all of us to take on this incredible challenge with plenty of team spirit.”

Chris Betts

Taking part in the Beachy Head Marathon in aid of the Bede’s Development Foundation was Senior School teacher, Chris Betts and Chair of the Bede’s Development Foundation, Simon Smith said: “The smile and brief hint of sunshine in the photo belies a pretty tough day out on the Sussex Downs. 26.2 miles and 3700 ft of elevation combined with Storm Babet made for some wet, treacherous, conditions both up and downhill! This was by far the toughest marathon I’ve run but it was made all the more enjoyable by a tremendous sense of Bede’s team spirit at the start line, throughout the course and at the finish line too - the marshalls, supporters (including Mrs Smith) and checkpoint volunteers, who were out in all conditions throughout the day, were amazing. As ever one is sustained by the camaraderie of the other runners but also the sense of purpose in being out there for such a worthy cause. On several occasions my mind wandered to those future pupils who will benefit from our Transformational Bursary Campaign - 5 hours of plodding and a couple of days of aching muscles is a small price to pay for a person’s two-year education; the benefits of which will last a lifetime.”

Simon Smith

On Sunday, October 22nd, the Bede’s team were then out again with a team of five running the half marathon. Mary Northway, the School Doctor commented “Everyone seemed to be running with a "we're in this together" attitude, having small friendly chats when passing, pointing out when the path was slippy, encouraging each other up the hills.

This was one of the best runs I've ever done! I found it totally exhilarating and especially loved flying down the 5km of downhill from Butts Brow to the Seven Sisters! I wanted to do the half marathon because of the amazing route and views. Although I'd be worried that the experience couldn't be better than it was, I would definitely sign up for it again! Getting "flying feet" on some of the photos was an unexpected bonus!”

6 Marathon Runners
group photo


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