Bede's takes on Model United Nations Conference at Royal Russell School
Upper Sixth pupil, Remy

Four days of debating, discussing and deliberating in Royal Russell: this was our longest and most prestigious conference we have ever attended. After a one hour drive, we arrived at our destination. Instantly we understood that all delegates were there to win.

pupils at the MUN conference

We changed our mentality and went straight to work. Tristan, the ambassador for Pakistan, and Ollie, the ambassador for Nigeria, were rehearsing their ambassador speeches, whilst the others were checking on them and preparing themselves for their committee. In the committee, everyone constructed their resolutions, co-signed others’ resolutions and made alliances for the upcoming days. In the meantime, Mandy, who got selected to be a judge in the International Court of Justice did an incredible job by taking the floor several times and questioning both witnesses and advocates. That evening was very exciting as both Tristan and Ollie made their speeches brilliantly. The next morning, after an adventurous walk of ten minutes from our hotel to the school, we all wished each other good luck and all went into separate committees. In the ECOFIN Committee, Eddie did a good job by taking the floor and sharing his critical views on several points. In the SOCHUM1 Committee, Joseph C, who was the delegate for Nigeria, strongly defended his resolution on the protection and well-being of migrant juveniles travelling alone. A strong resolution of utmost importance that passed with a convincing result. Joseph L did an outstanding job by passing his resolution on free and fair elections in SPECPOL2. Special Commission on the Status of Women, that is where Prithvi, delegate for Pakistan, took the floor several times and presented her resolution very well. Charlie excelled in his role as the chair, and I can testify that since he serves as the chair for my committee. We closed the day with some bowling and a quick dinner.

pupils at the MUN conference

After a few days of debating, the last day had arrived. My resolution, which I passed two days earlier in the DISEC1 Committee on the question of Sudan, was put on the list for the General Assembly. Numerous challenges arose, casting doubt on whether my resolution would undergo a debate. On that particular day, I realised that being chosen doesn’t guarantee an easy path, but you still have to persevere. It was a roller-coaster of emotions, with uncertainty looming over whether my resolution would make it to the debate stage until I walked up the stage and saw my resolution displayed on the screen. I was very honoured to defend my resolution in front of all delegates present. I would like to thank all my fellow delegates who helped me extremely well by making me feel well-prepared to give my speech and respond confidently to all POI’s made. I will never forget with how much passion Joseph C wrote an introduction speech, how Eddie and Charlie prepared me with a plan on how to respond to the POIs, and how all the others were there to support me. 

Remy delivering speech

The conference ended with both Tristan and I being awarded Distinguished Delegate awards for our work in committee. Overall, the conference was an incredible experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. On behalf of the MUN team, I would like to thank Mr. McIntosh and Ms. Webster for all their efforts made to make sure we had a great experience. I can say that every single delegate will never forget this conference because of you. Thank you.

Remy speaking

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