Lower Sixth pupil Ella wins LTA Tennis Awards
Lower Sixth pupil, Ella

Congratulations to Lower Sixth pupil Ella, who won the Rising Star in Tennis and Coburn Plate Awards at the Sussex County LTA Awards!

Ella has been working hard to promote safeguarding and welfare at LTA-registered venues. Here is what she said about her work so far...

"I work as a Young Persons Welfare Ambassador for the LTA (1 of 25 chosen nationally). This is a pilot scheme for young people at LTA venues to help raise awareness of safeguarding and to provide a bridge between the adult Welfare Officer and the Juniors/young people at the club - as evidence has shown that Juniors are more likely to confide in a member of their peer group. The LTA is the first organisation to give Juniors their own voice for a say in their own safeguarding and welfare so it's been amazing to be a part of it.

I have been on training days, worked at the Davis Cup to promote the scheme and the ambassador role. We also have monthly Zoom meetings. I also produced a mental health in sport video that they are going to use but I think the reason I got the awards was for my idea of a 'bag tag'. 

We were given the task to come up with an idea and implement it at our individual club that would help the Juniors know who their Welfare Officer is, as a survey showed that the majority of Juniors didn't know who it was so therefore wouldn't know how to access help if they needed it.  I came up with a 'bag tag' which has the details and photos of both me and our Welfare Officer and how to contact us on one side and then I put a list of safeguarding statements on the other side so they can immediately see if something is not right or acceptable. The idea being that all Juniors would have these attached to their tennis bags so they would have this information to hand whether they are at training, at a tournament or at home.  This has been really successful at my club and the LTA are looking to see if they can roll it out to all LTA venues nationally.  I have also just heard that Sport UK are also interested in it for Juniors in all sports which would be amazing."

Ella and her tennis awards

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