Model UN Conference
Charlie Swan, Lower Sixth Pupil

Over the weekend, the Bede's Model UN team took a trip to Suffolk for the annual Royal Hospital School Model UN Conference.

After having prepared fast-track resolutions for the event, the first day saw current affairs and issues being discussed in each of the delegate’s respective committees. A day of chaos, companionship and compromise, the second day was based on a crisis: the AI uprising and its implications on global governance. It’s fair to say that Bede’s had a tricky task up their sleeve, sending delegations of Iran, Russia and India, but all did well to defend or attack resolutions, and offer amendments, based on the perspective of the country they were representing. The result of this was an impressive batch of awards for the Bede's cohort at the end of the conference. Huge thanks to Mr McIntosh and Miss Webster for coordinating the trip: a fantastic activity which has brought knowledge, public speaking, debating skills and diplomacy to a whole new level amongst all that participated.

pupils at the MUN conference
Pupils at the MUN Conference


winners at the MUN Conference

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