Performing Arts Celebration Event 2023
Karen Lewis, Director of Performing Arts

On Friday 21 April, we were delighted to welcome back our annual Performing Arts Celebration event to truly celebrate the talents and applaud the commitment of all of our pupils across music, dance and drama.  

Speeches from the Heads of Departments celebrated and reminisced and we said an adieu to our Upper Sixth pupils, who it has been a pleasure to teach this past five years.  We were treated to tasty hot snacks provided by Holroyd Howe and marvelled at the excellent ‘movie themed’ costumes.  My personal favourite costumes: Ali G worn by Lola Woollard, Leona Baker as the Queen of Hearts and the entire cast of main characters from The Inbetweeners styled by Pearl Christie, Verity Finden-Crofts, Sophia Malik and Freddie Thompson.

Classroom certificates for both effort and excellence enabled us to recognise a number of very deserving pupils, who leapt up to the stage in between entertainments provided by our willing performers.  Setting the mood for celebration was Massi Couper on piano and vocals with 'Riptide', Jolie Philips strumming on guitar and singing her own song, 'Easy', Charis Cheung and Charlie Swan with the wonderful 'Summer Wine', Maya Goswami with 'Beautiful' from the musical of the same name, Max Nash normally backstage, really held his own with 'For Forever' from Dear Evan Hansen. Variety was welcomed with magic from Noah Van Herk and Lily Dale injected the evening with an intense poetry recital of her poem inspired by Black Lives Matter and concluding the evening in style was Anoushka Beardshaw concluded with a sultry 'I’m Feeling Good'.

Shields and cups were awarded to many of our pupils who have given to the nominated area with consistency, energy and excellence (named below). Performing arts colours and awards to performing arts prefects will be presented in our final whole school assembly. 

Junior Acting Cup - Anna Scott
Junior Music Cup - Woody Wilson
Junior Dance Cup - Hannah Millen 
Senior Acting Cup - Anoushka Beardshaw
Senior Music Cup - Flossie Wilson
Senior Dance Cup - Ayaka Amos
The LAMDA cup - for consistent effort and progress in LAMDA lessons - Anna Pleskun
The VMT cup - for consistent effort and progress in instrumental lessons - Mandy Zhang
The Choir cup - for excellent participation in the choir - Matilda Malsch
Bede’s Production Arts Cup - for outstanding contribution to technical theatre - Max Nash


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