Bede's Prep Pupils Embrace Remote Learning
Mark Hammond, Headmaster

This week marked the start of remote learning owing to the UK lockdown. As well as providing comprehensive teaching online for pupils learning from home, we have also welcomed a small number of key workers' children into school.

I am delighted to report that pupils, parents and staff have taken on the challenge with fantastic enthusiasm. Here is a small snapshot of what we have been up to.

Year 4 are studying the digestive system in Science. They have made some fantastic models and drawings along with measuring 9 metres around their home... this is the average length of an adults digestive system when unravelled!

As part of the children's History work in Year 6, they were tasked with creating a castle to demonstrate their learning in any medium they wished. Traditional model making met the 21st Century with Minecraft! Well done all, here is Bella with her fantastic model.

Break times are much quieter during lockdown, but the children on site were able to enjoy some sport and test Mr Hammond's goal keeping skills in their class bubbles on Tuesday. Despite the lockdown and the weather, it's so important that children still get outside for some fresh air and away from screens during the learning day.

We have also introduced our Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge, and this week families are making Gratitude Jars. Every day, each family member will write down something that they are grateful for and pop it in their jar. After lockdown is over, families will then be able to sit down together and share their memories.

Well done everyone! You should be very proud of all of your hard work. Have a restful weekend, and we look forward to starting again on Monday.

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