Year 6 celebrates Wild Coast Sussex In-Bloom competition win with Planting Event
Rachael Armitage, Head of Art

Back on 11 March, six Year 6 pupils from Bede’s Prep took part in the Flora Garden Design Competition for the Wild Coast Sussex in Bloom, taking place at Eastbourne Town Hall. This year, the theme was ‘Wild Coast Sussex’, highlighting the extraordinary kelp forests, seahorses and rays once abundant in Sussex which could recover and thrive if given a second chance.

The Bede’s team won! They were recognised for their innovative design which included shaping a stunning gold seahorse surrounded by electric blue grass, representing the sea, and alternanthera, representing the kelp. Their winning design has now been planted and can be seen at the westernmost point of Eastbourne promenade, within an enclosed garden, just above the café at Holywell.

The team went along to see their design come to life for a special planting event on 9 June. They were joined by the Mayor of Eastbourne, the team who planted their winning design, and representatives from Sussex Wildlife Trust. The pupils enjoyed planting their own final section of grass.

The organiser of the event, Tim Sorensen from Eastbourne Education Business Partnership said, "The children were fantastic ambassadors for both themselves and their schools and should be very proud. As ever, judging was not easy (but very enjoyable) with the six final designs all very closely scored – as is often the case, the overall winner was determined by the combined score with curriculum links, business links and the final presentation. Worth perhaps adding that simpler designs translate better as a planted bed for the duration of the season."

Prep pupils and mayor


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