ISI Inspection Report

In November 2019, Bede’s Prep School and Nursery was rated outstanding in all areas for the quality and standards of the Early Years Foundation Stage in its inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

Overall effectiveness

The inspectors rated the overall effectiveness of the early provision as outstanding, commenting that "leaders have reviewed the curriculum effectively to ensure that children develop communication and language skills and the confidence to be curious, creative and active in their learning... [All children] are well prepared for the next stage in their education. They show high levels of independence and engagement."

When discussing the setting, the inspectors highlighted the "very caring, happy environment" in which "children feel extremely safe and secure... They make excellent progress in their personal and emotional development."

Quality of education

The inspectors highlighted the recent review of the curriculum to ensure that children "experience a coherent and stimulating approach to areas of learning" and the high expectations and setting of appropriate challenges and specific targets to encourage progression. The inspectors state that "all children are enabled to develop as enthusiastic and independent learners."

Behaviour and attitudes

The positive attitudes to learning and perseverance to succeed at tasks is highlighted here, alongside the high levels of confidence and independence displayed by the children. The report states that "[the children] make choices from a wide range of stimulating resources and activities around them engaging enthusiastically with the adults in the room... [The Nursery] promotes the development of positive behaviours."

Personal development

When discussing adult-child relationships, the inspectors comment that "the exceptional relationships that children have with the adults around them are built on strong, secure attachments. Adults provide excellent role models". The report also highlights the "well-designed curriculum and excellent care practices [that] effectively support and promote children's emotional security and development of their character."

As well as highlighting the children's high levels of independence, time spent outside every day and the careful attention of staff to the welfare and safety of the children, the inspectors comment on the high levels of equality and diversity. They say "the very youngest children learn that they are all different and special in their own way... Staff encourage children to develop their own ideas and the setting celebrates a range of different cultural festivals."

Leadership and management

The inspectors highlight that the Nursery leaders "have a very clear and ambitious vision for the continued development of the provision and have identified areas for future development." When discussing the staff team as a whole, the report comments on the whole-staff involvement in the "thorough review of the curriculum, planning and assessment" and the team's ability to work well together alongside access to support from the leadership team and bespoke school-based training opportunities. 

"Parents are extremely happy with the provision... Parents spoke of the friendly and approachable staff and the extremely positive feeling throughout the setting."

Compliance with statutory requirements

Finally, the report confirmed that the Nursery's registered provision for childcare meets all statutory requirements.

Read the report in full below:

Nursery and Prep School ISI Inspection Report, November 2019 | PDF
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