Bede's Nursery at Holywell

Once Bede's children are aged two-and-a-half, our Holywell Nursery becomes their new home.

The building offers myriad learning opportunities including Outdoor Classrooms and bespoke facilities, which support specialist lessons in subjects including Swimming, Music and Dance.

The structure of the day matches that of the Baby and Toddler Unit, with children arriving from 8am and ending at 6pm. There is also the option for children to attend the Breakfast Club, which starts at 7.45am.

Hanna Kerrigan at Bede's Nursery

Children begin in the Rainbow Fish Room at two-and-a-half before moving up to the Pre-School facility where they will spend a year before starting in Reception aged four or five.

Depending on their age, children spend between 6 months and up to 18 months in the Rainbow Fish Room.