Rainbow Fish Room

In the Rainbow Fish Room, we pride ourselves on providing a loving, caring and secure environment in which our children flourish supported by, and reliant on, our close contact with parents.

During their time here, the children are introduced to a variety of stimulating and exciting activities that offer a combination of both adult-led and child-initiated learning. Key Workers are always on-hand to support every individual, encouraging and helping them to fuel their own personal interests.

Children enjoy daily ‘Circle Time’, which facilitates both the advancement of friendships, the acquisition of key skills and opportunities for every girl and boy to develop their own voice.

These sessions also encourage and augment emerging language and communication skills, social skills and numeracy, and are a great confidence-builder for many of our children.

With our outdoor environments accessible throughout the day, providing free-flow to and from the Nursery rooms, independence is fully encouraged at all times.

The children help to serve snacks, dress and undress independently and have easy access to the toileting areas and wash basins.

Most importantly, the Rainbow Fish room is overflowing with imaginative learning opportunities, all of which are tailored to ensure that they offer the best chance of fascinating every individual.

All children in the Nursery have Quiet Time, during which the children will either rest or engage in quiet activities such as stories, puzzles or table-top games.

Those children who need to sleep are able to do so in our relaxing Sleep Room, in which the children are monitored on a regular basis and sleep patterns are observed as per parent requests.

In order to support your child’s transition through to the Pre-School, they will participate in a series of settling-in sessions, which will familiarise them with their new Key Worker and surroundings.