Bede's Pre-School

Children move into the Pre-School, which forms part of the Holywell Nursery, during their last year, and in preparation for the transition into Reception the focus is very much on promoting independence.

Upon transition to the Pre-School class, the children work together, using their pre-existing knowledge, to create some ‘Golden Rules’, for example, good sharing, listening to one another, good manners and of course kindness.  These are embedded into the curriculum and implemented throughout the year.

We encourage the children to ‘have a go’ whilst maintaining a positive, caring and supportive environment. Positive reinforcement, alongside close links and communication with parents helps us embed these codes of behaviour and expectations.

With both Holywell and Bede's Prep School's facilities open to them, the Nursery children have full access to the Bede's Prep School Swimming Pool, Library, Music Centre and Sports Hall, and they also eat in the Bede's Prep Dining Hall, overlooking the sea. The Pre School children also have the opportunity to catch the bus to School if parents wish them to. 

Our Head of Reception also has regular sessions with the Pre-School children to enhance their development and support their transition into Reception. 

We see a huge change in each child’s independence and learning during their time in Holywell, with every individual developing bags of confidence, firm friendships and plenty of new skills and knowledge.

Furthermore, with many Bede's children having spent almost five years learning and growing in Holywell, you can feel how happy and special a place it is as soon as you walk through the door!

Elsewhere, we also organise termly trips, including trips to Friston Forest and the Downs, the theatre as well as our fortnightly Beach School.  We regularly welcome visitors to the school including theatre companies, pupils from the Senior School, scientists from Herstmonceux Planetarium and many more.