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Welcome to Bede's Prep School

Bede's Prep is an independent, co-educational school located by the sea in Eastbourne, East Sussex. 

We are a school which enriches young people so that they may become confident members of their communities.

We believe in providing children with rich learning opportunities that stimulate and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding, engaging them in practical experiences which bring learning to life.

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I joined Bede’s Prep last year. It’s really nice here, and everyone’s very friendly. It feels like I’ve been here for ages.

Prep School News

Year 6 race to Mars!

Year 6 enjoyed a highly interactive and exciting space adventure workshop thanks to the team at Thinkers in Education. This highly specialised STEM experience saw teams of Year 6 students pitted against each other in a race to have the technology, skills and knowledge to colonise Mars!

The children had the opportunity to use techniques and equipment used in research laboratories to learn how to analyse Mars soil samples, engineer prototype vehicles and arrange emergency blood transfusions!

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