An education at Bede's Prep School goes beyond the expected.

Every one of our pupils is given excellent opportunities to meet their potential across the curriculum, but we are not a school where children are compartmentalised and channelled towards a given end point.

We believe in providing children with rich learning opportunities that stimulate and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Making learning memorable for the children is very important to us and when, as an adult, one thinks back to the best lessons at school they were often those in which something unusual happened.

These instances are common practice at Bede's Prep School. In History, our pupils attend a Medieval Day, together with spit roast lunch and a chance to try on real armour. In science, they make rockets from scratch and fire them into the atmosphere from the top of the cliffs overlooking Eastbourne. In ICT they learn to code, applying their knowledge to design their own video games or program robots to explore the School’s corridors. 

Practices like these ensure that our teaching is innovative, memorable and personal to the pupils at Bede’s. 

We know that families come to us primarily for an outstanding education, and for this reason we closely monitor pupil progress to ensure we know how the children are developing in each subject, their areas of need and greatest success, and that we are intervening whenever and however necessary.

For these reasons and more, Bede’s truly is a unique place to learn.