An Introduction

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The curriculum for each year group at Bede’s Prep School focuses on promoting learning, personal growth and development. We provide pupils with a curriculum that is broad, stimulating and designed to facilitate the highest possible levels of attainment by those who follow it - programmes of study that imbue children with a wealth of skills, a depth of knowledge and an irrepressible curiosity.

By the time the children have reached Year 5, lessons have become more formally structured and delineated by subject, but this does not mean they are less wide-ranging in approach. Rather, the opposite is true, with the children being increasingly capable and hungry for new challenges.

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As the children move through the year groups, each curriculum also includes an ever-evolving and increasingly rigorous ‘hidden curriculum’ - a set of skills the children develop from the ways they are treated and the expectations set by their teachers, informed by communication between teachers, tutors and Heads of Year. This hidden curriculum is, like everything else at Bede’s, tweaked and personalised to suit the needs, talents and propensities of each individual. What is right for one child may not be for another, and as such every pupil will finish their time at Bede’s Prep with a uniquely distinguished academic record, a set of high personal ideals, and a clear set of aspirations particular to them.

Bede’s is of course academically ambitious for its pupils, and our outstanding teachers work extremely hard to inspire them, drawing out passions for specific subjects and for learning in general. We aim for every pupil to achieve the very highest standards, and we can be a little bit demanding in our pursuit of excellence. To make it happen, all pupils have equal access to the curriculum regardless of gender, ethnic origin or special educational need, and all areas of the curriculum are valued equally, including academic subjects, the arts, music, practical activities and physical education.

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Core to the success of our school, therefore, is the peerless systems of support and communication which enable parents, pupils and teachers to all know and understand what is happening and why, what has been accomplished, and what challenges are still to be overcome.

Most importantly though, everyone in the Bede’s community believes that all children have significant contributions to make to their school and the wider world, and we therefore owe each girl and boy a quiet relentlessness in the pursuit of their very best.

Mrs Morris and pupil

With this in mind, it is important to ensure that pupils do not just make the progress that might be expected. Instead, through developing talented staff, pursuing innovative teaching methodologies, and by ensuring that pupils have a full and varied experience of what school can mean, we help them to achieve at levels they never thought possible both inside and outside of the classroom. Through this, they develop a true sense of pride, ambition and accomplishment both as individuals and as a collective, and we all acquire the knowledge of what a Bede’s education really means.

Leigh-Anne Morris
Head of the Prep School

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