Joining and Transition

As pupils join Bede’s Prep School in every year group, all our Form Tutors are accustomed and experienced at supporting new pupils during the important transition period.

The “Buddy System” by which every pupil who joins is allocated a “buddy” who knows the School well, to show them the ropes is a vital part in the settling-in process.

Buddies are given guidance by staff as to the areas of school life that new pupils are likely to find challenging or which might need a bit of explanation. Our pupil buddies treat this role not only as a great responsibility but also as a real privilege and something which they derive huge satisfaction from and in time many of our new pupils go on to become wonderful buddies themselves!

During the transition stage, the Year Head will stay in close contact with the pupil’s Form Tutor, the buddy and of course the pupil themselves to ensure that they are growing in confidence over time and are settling in and building friendships.