At Bede’s, we believe in developing every aspect of a young person. For this reason, our Co-Curricular programme is unlike any other.

Activities and clubs at Bede’s Prep School run throughout the school day, with children from Year 3 all the way through to Year 8 being inspired, empowered and motivated to succeed.

The programme is varied each term and is shaped, in part, by suggestions made by the pupils. Children make independent choices and decisions about their participation, become involved in the organisation, management and leadership of activities and take part in activities for myriad reasons - recreational, competitive and educational.

We have carefully crafted our Co-Curricular provision to develop soft skills such as cooperation, negotiation and empathy in our pupils - skills which are valuable in every aspect of life, from home to the workplace.

Furthermore our specialist staff help Bede’s pupils to develop extraordinary expertise in a range of specific activities.

Whether that means playing sports at an international level, dancing on the London stage or training as actors or theatre technicians, during their Co-Curricular hours at Bede’s we want pupils to see the whole world as a classroom.