Life at Bede's Prep

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Bede’s has been well recognised for its pastoral care for many years, and at the heart of this is a recognition that Form Teachers are just as committed to the pastoral needs of each pupil in their class as much as their academic progress.

Pupils’ personal development is strongly fostered by our open, friendly atmosphere, and staff maintain close knowledge of every child.

Robust systems are in place to identify and track any matters of concern and should the need arise, as well as our full time nursing provision, we also have a full time Welfare Officer is available to support pupils who may be experiencing emotional problems. 

"I can’t quite explain it except to say it’s like he’s come into himself - he is so centred, happy, enthusiastic about all he’s learning and has such lovely things to say about you all. He seems really proud of the school already, and feels like he belongs. That’s hugely down to all of you. He rushed in last night to go straight upstairs and do his homework, I was gobsmacked! Thank you, sincerely"

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