Bede's Prep Boarding School

Bede's is a day and boarding school for boys and girls. We offer full boarding, weekly boarding, and flexi boarding in Meads End from Year 5 to Year 8. Read our boarding handbook here: 
At Bede’s Prep, our boarding house, Meads End offers a home away from home for pupils from Year 5 onwards. We offer flexible boarding arrangements to suit your requirements - whether your child requires full boarding, weekly boarding or flexi boarding. Our boarders are a close-knit community of staff and pupils who enjoy a safe, fun and homely environment. 

Children who board at Bede’s Prep School are encouraged to excel in their own pursuits, begin to take responsibility for themselves, and, over time, take some responsibility for others too. Some parents find that flexi boarding at Bede’s Prep provides their children with the skills and confidence to board during their Senior years and become more independent. We offer plenty of boarding options to suit your needs. Our boarders are required to get organised for school, work on their homework independently and tidy their bedroom. They build tolerance as they learn to live alongside others and share their space. 

Our boarding house at Meads End provides the ideal setting for pupils to take advantage of the activities and facilities on offer at Bede’s Prep School as well as the wonderful seafront location. Boarding at Meads End provides the perfect opportunity to make new friends from all around the world. We are proud to host children from all nationalities, and learn from each other’s cultures and backgrounds.

At Meads End, we feel it is important to get the balance of structured activities, relaxation and schoolwork right. Early evening activities take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays whilst ‘Movie and Tuck’ nights take place on Wednesday and Friday. Down time is often filled by relaxing with friends in the house.

We offer full, weekly or flexi boarding options and a number of our day pupils opt to board as they grow older in order to build more time into the school week in which to participate in sports, other activities and spend more time with their friends.

Where we live

Meads End is a cosy and comfortable home based on the Eastbourne coast. We overlook the beach and the sea, are at the foot of the South Downs and a short walk to Beachy Head. We are situated across the road from the Prep School and have access to the IT suite and Sports Hall. 

All of our meals are eaten in the School Dining Hall, cooked by the chefs and catering team. We have a team of cleaners’ who dust, hoover and clean the rooms, whilst the children are expected to make their beds and put their dirty clothes in the laundry baskets. 

Meads End has a large common room with a kitchen room and dining room attached. This is the heart of the house where most of our boarders relax in the evening, watching Sky TV on the large comfy sofas. 

The smaller common room, the ‘Snug’ is where boarders can do their homework, play on the computers and the Xbox or just chill and chat.

On the first floor, the boys occupy four bedrooms and the girls’ 3 bedrooms are on the top floor. Boarders share their bedroom with other boarders of a similar age. There is storage space for essential items such as uniform and a limited amount of space for casual and smart clothing. Their belongings must fit in the wardrobe and drawer. The school provides all of the bedding, but some boarders choose to bring their own machine-washable duvet cover. Boarders are also encouraged to bring photos and posters to personalise their area and make it feel homely.

We have a lovely garden at Meads End, where boarders can play and chill out. There is a large lawn, flower beds and several fruit trees which the boarders planted themselves.

A weekday in the life of a Boarder...

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