Pupil Voice

Bede’s places high value in genuinely listening to and taking account of pupils’ views on a range of issues.

The School Council is a forum which allows pupils to put forward ideas to improve the day-to-day running of the School for the benefit of the whole community. Each year group is represented by two elected representatives and the Council is chaired by a senior member of teaching staff. As a result of the valuable contributions to school life made by the Council, it has become a respected and, at times, formidable group responsible for some remarkable and innovative changes which have enhanced school life for all. 

Olivia, Head Girl; Harry, Head Boy; Rosie, Deputy Head Girl (2019-2020)

Our Prefects provide another valuable channel for pupil voice. Appointed during their final year at Bede’s Prep, these pupils have usually shown their mettle across many years of hard work, whether that be in the academic arena, on the sports fields or within the pastoral life of the School. 

Through regular meetings with the Headmaster and his Senior Management Team, they are able to bring their reflection and suggestions to the table as well as acting as the perfect ambassadors for the School across a range of events.

The life-skills that our prefects learn, prepare them perfectly to thrive at the Senior School but also to take on leadership roles there from the moment they start Year 9.