Few Prep Schools can offer the calibre of coaching found at Bede’s Prep and these opportunities deepen year on year, exposing our pupils to an expansive training and fixtures programme.

We also make use of the market-leading facilities offered at Bede’s Senior School, which boasts some impressive courts, pitches and facilities.

prep footballer

We measure our success not only by the matches we win, and the “elite” players who we nurture, but also by the levels of participation we achieve which engenders an appreciation of the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle but also of the concept of teamwork and the joy this can bring.

We encapsulate this in our Team Bede’s core values which pupils of all levels and all ages are encouraged to personify:

Teamwork: ask not what your team mates can do for you, but what you can do for them.

Respect: Be fully committed in every session. Appreciate the opportunity you have and respect all those around you no matter who they are.

Enjoyment: Enjoyment comes from improvement, success, making friends and helping others to develop. Understand your own goals, and  positively encourage others to engage.

Humility: Be humble, be aware of others, be polite. Thank those who spend time making sure you have had a good experience.

Discipline: Discipline comes from within. Be on time and in the correct kit, be organised and respect the official’s decisions. 

Leadership: Communicate with positivity and trustworthiness, be motivational, be committed and support everyone.

prep pupil playing football