Children from Reception through to Year 6 participate in weekly swimming classes as part of their regular physical education curriculum. For students in Years 7 and 8, swimming classes are scheduled on a fortnightly basis, ensuring that older students continue to benefit from structured swimming lessons albeit less frequently.

In addition to the standard curriculum swimming classes, our school offers an array of additional swimming-related activities and training sessions. These include:

  1. Swimming Squad Training: We provide five dedicated training sessions for our swimming squad, designed to help students enhance their competitive swimming skills.
  2. Diving: Students have the opportunity to learn and practice diving techniques.
  3. Lifesaving: This activity teaches essential lifesaving skills, including water safety and rescue techniques.
  4. Snorkelling: An introduction to snorkelling allows students to explore underwater environments and develop their breath-holding skills.
  5. Water Polo: Students can participate in water polo, a team sport that combines swimming skills with ball-handling and strategic gameplay.

All swimming activities are overseen and coached by our experienced Prep Swimming Lead, Dani Maynard, who ensures that students receive high-quality instruction and support in their aquatic education.