ISI Inspection 2017

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) completed a full inspection of Bede’s Senior School in February 2017. Bede’s School is delighted to confirm that an “excellent” grade was awarded in every category assessed.

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Comments from the report are as follows:

Quality of Pupils’ Academic and Other Achievements

Pupils demonstrate excellent knowledge and understanding in all areas of learning.

Pupils are determined to get the best out of themselves and are always willing to encourage each other and support each other superbly.

Pupils typically exhibit high levels of enthusiasm in lessons.

Pupils make rapid progress and their achievements within and beyond the classroom are often outstanding and sometimes exceptional.

Pupils are able to combine academic achievement with great success in the creative and sporting domains.

Pupils compete at county and national levels in sports such as cricket, tennis and football. 

Quality of Pupils’ Personal Development

Senior pupils provide exemplary role models for younger pupils.

Pupils have excellent levels of self-esteem and self-confidence, successfully promoted by the depth of pastoral care shown by the staff for individual pupils.

Pupils readily take on responsibilities.

Pupils have an outstanding understanding of the difference between right and wrong and the impact of their behaviour.

Pupils deeply value the variety of faiths and beliefs within their community.