All pupils are expected to wear the Bede’s school uniform and Sixth Form students to wear formal business attire.

Please find to follow information regarding Bede’s School uniform and how it can be purchased. Bede’s has two main suppliers of uniform; the main school uniform, including school blazer, is supplied by School Blazer. Our sports kit is supplied by New Balance and links to both suppliers’ sites are to follow. 

Main School Uniform (Applicable to Years 9, 10 and 11) 

Sixth Form Uniform 

With the exception of the house tie (which is available from School Blazer) Sixth Form uniform can be purchased from any retailer or supplier but must conform to the following: 

  • Conservative, dark, business-like suit (no corduroy or suede). Suits can be any colour and either plain or patterned. They must be tailored suit jacket and skirt or dress. Skirts and dresses should fall to an appropriate length ('appropriate' is at the discretion of an AH and defined by the Bede's interpretation of a business dress code). Trousers must be suit trousers and not jeans or leggings and they must not have patch pockets on the back. Suits do not have to match in colour or pattern but both the top and bottom half should be of a traditional suit style and there must be no lycra in any of the material. 
  • Plain or Striped Shirts (light colours) 
  • Bede’s house tie or scarf*  
  • V-neck jumper (optional)
  • Black leather shoes (no suede) 
  • Long dark waterproof coat


All pupils should wear black shoes which must be leather or leather look and must be a traditional shoe that can be polished. Canvas shoes, trainers or trainer style shoes (including for example VANS and Nike Airforce) and boots are not acceptable. Dr.Martens shoes may be worn but not ankle or high boot types.

Sports Kit

Our sports kit is available through New Balance and can be ordered from them online via the following link:

All queries with regards to uniform and sports apparel should be directed to the respective helpdesks:
School Blazer (School Uniform) 0333 7000 703
New Balance (Sports Apparel) 0113 824 5353