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"In 2021, 56 per cent 9-7 at GCSE; 64 per cent A*/A at A level (83 per cent A*-B). In 2019 (the last year when exams took place), 39 per cent 9-7 at GCSE; 48 per cent A*/A at A level (70 per cent A*-B)." 

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Bede's Pupils Shine With Impressive A Level Performance

Despite another extraordinary and challenging academic year, leavers at Bede’s School in Upper Dicker had much cause to celebrate with a year of brilliant A Level results.  Under exceptional circumstances, results published today show Bede’s pupils have achieved 83% A*- B grades and 64% A* - A grades.

There were impressive individual performances including Sophie Lindenfelser from Brighton who gained three A*s in French, German and Government & Politics as well as an A* in the EPQ. Valeriia Chorna from Ukraine achieved five A*s in Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Computer Science and German and will go on to study Physics at the University of Gottingen in Germany.  

Violet Mo Witt from Brighton gained A*s in History, Media Studies, a distinction (D1) in Pre-U Literature in English and an A* the EPQ. Violet will be reading English at Exeter. Head of School Rodrigo Merlo achieved two A*s in Politics and History and an A in Geography and will read Politics and International Relations at Bristol.

There was further success across this cohort with James Tai from Wilmington who gained two A*s in Chemistry and Biology and an A in Maths and in the EPQ. James will go on to read Medicine at Queen Mary University of London. Lucia Oxenden Rodriguez from Forest Row achieved three A*s in French, Spanish and History and will take her place at UCL reading Language and Culture, whilst Will Gwynne from Eastbourne gained A*s in Drama and History alongside a distinction (D1) in English Literature and an A* in the EPQ. He will go on to study English Literature and History at Durham University.

This year has been a particularly strong year for Performing Arts with a number of Bede’s pupils leaving with strong results and places at the top colleges for dance, music and drama, including the talented Daisy Noton who has secured her place at the Royal Academy of Music.

Congratulations also to the six pupils amongst this cohort who will go on to study law at Russell Group Universities across the UK next academic year.

“These results are very much in line with what we would have expected, had these students had the opportunity to take public exams. Their teachers worked assiduously, both to make sure that each student had the best chance to show what they could do, and also to maintain the integrity of the qualification process. Meanwhile, those students worked in an exceptional way. The difficulties that they have faced, over the past 18 months, will have forged in them all sorts of strengths that will go well beyond the grades they achieved here; nonetheless, for them to have achieved these brilliant grades is, we think, testament to a truly exceptional group of young people.”

- Bede's Deputy Head, John Tuson

“This cohort, like the last, have experienced immense challenges this academic year, yet despite this they have achieved outstanding results and I could not be more proud. With the support of their teachers, families and peers they have coped, even thrived, in these uncertain times and their success and ability to adapt and learn in different ways will stand them in excellent stead for the future. Today we not only celebrate their academic successes but their achievements and growth as individuals.”

- Bede's Headmaster, Peter Goodyer

High Praise for Bede’s Pupils’ GCSE Results in an Extraordinary Year

Congratulations to Bede’s Upper Fifth pupils who have achieved another excellent set of GCSE results in what has been an extraordinary academic year. Over half of pupils (56%) achieved the equivalent of an A* or A grade (grades 9-7) with an impressive 36% of all results at 9-8, the equivalent of an A*. 

It was another strong year for the Science department with well over half of all grades in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at 9 – 8 (equivalent to A*) and a strong year for Art with 91% of the awarded grades at the top level. Performing Arts also had an outstanding year with 84% drama and 82% music at 9-7 level and almost all Legat Dance Academy pupils were awarded the highest level of distinction for their BTEC Performing Arts (Dance).

Amongst the top performing pupils were Ellie Abel who was awarded an incredible 11 of the very highest grade 9s and Milly Gibson who was awarded nine grades 9s. Fearghus Beauchamp gained ten of the top grade 9s and one grade 8. Baptise D’ Abadie De Lurbe also achieved an outstanding ten grade 9s and two grade 8s whilst Ella Doyle was awarded nine grade 9s and a grade 7.

Bede’s Deputy Head, John Tuson said, “These results are genuinely spectacular and are the result of quite exceptional hard work, under the most difficult of circumstances. The young people who are receiving their GCSE results today should be lauded for their extraordinary efforts over the past two years. In a long career of teaching, I do not think I have ever been as impressed by a group of pupils as I have been by this cohort. They are superb mathematicians, linguists, scientists and musicians, but even more importantly than that, they are superb people who have shown fortitude, determination and kindness when those qualities have been most needed. I am in awe of the character that they have shown.”


“Our pupils should be enormously proud of their achievements in a year which has once again brought much change and uncertainty. I have been overwhelmed with the resilience they have demonstrated throughout this academic year, the kindness that they have shown to their peers and their commitment and dedication to their education during a challenging time, and these results speak for themselves. Our young people have been a true inspiration to us all and I am immensely proud of their accomplishments both academically and personally.”

- Bede's Headmaster, Peter Goodyer

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