Learning Enhancement

Bede's has a thriving academic enhancement function, staffed by highly qualified specialist staff, who aim to ensure equality of access for pupils in the school who have additional learning needs.

The Learning Enhancement department at Bede's works towards preparing pupils for an academic based educational experience to the age of 18, built around delivering content in the GCSE and GCE context. 

The predominant area of need for our pupils, relates to support for core literacy and numeracy for students with additional needs who are able to access the curriculum independently.

Learning Enhancement is available in all year groups and operates as discrete timetabled lessons.

In the First Year and during the Fifth Form pupils opt for one less subject and replace this with support sessions normally running as a small group.

In our Sixth Form, support can continue, taking the form of one-to-one lessons with specialist staff specifically tailored to their individual needs.

pupil and teacher

Our Learning Department team liaises with pupils' subject tutors to ensure that the support offered is specific, targeted and relevant.

Typically pupils receive enhancement for:

  • Reading speed and comprehension
  • Proof reading
  • Spelling development
  • Organisational skills development
  • Writing structure and form
  • Study skills
  • Revision planning, structure and exam technique
  • Numeracy support

Our Learning Enhancement specialists will ensure the most appropriate access arrangements (for example, extra time or the use of a computer) in public examinations. These vary by subject as well as by pupil. Our team also works closely with educational psychologists to come to the School to assess students as appropriate.

Parents of prospective pupils who may benefit from support are encouraged to make contact with the Admissions department to discuss whether the School is a good match for their son or daughter.

Paperwork, such as previous educational psychology reports, provision maps and learning plans, can be reviewed and an initial meeting set up to explore an individual's needs further. 

It is always important to make an early appointment since Learning Enhancement places are always in demand.

Additional charges apply for our professional support to pupils in all year groups.