The Good Schools Guide

There are a variety of guides available for parents seeking advice on the most suitable school for their child, but many consider the Good Schools Guide to be the most objective and authoritative due to the thoroughness of their research (which includes interviews with parents and pupils) the expertise of those researchers sent to appraise the School.

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A selection of the findings from the most recent report are below:

‘Co-Curricular is extraordinary’ said a parent.

Many pupils are attracted by the choice of sport - others by not having to play it.

Sports facilities which could serve a small town - ‘second to none’, said a parent, and the sports coaching is outstanding, say parents and pupils.

Art and DT are superb here, one of the most popular subjects in the school from fine art to weird and wonderful photography, to furniture that would not look out of place in Heals.

Drama is another strength –‘productions are fantastic...’ said a parent.

‘Good communication from tutor and housemaster’, said a parent who lives abroad. ‘They really look after my son.... he’s very secure in the boarding environment’.

Pupils are really happy, so they don’t need to misbehave.

‘They make the kids feel good about themselves... with emotional as well as academic support,’ said a parent.

‘Not a typical public school... as you imagine them to be’, said a parent. ‘Bede’s has more variety... it has the diversity that a modern school needs.’

‘Caters to all sorts’, said a parent of three very different children who previously attended three very different schools in Surrey, but were and are happily accommodated at Bede’s.

There are some extremely academically bright pupils here, but they’re not all like that, and Bede’s wouldn’t want it so.

The best mainstream independent school in Sussex for value added; evidence of the strong culture of growth mindset here for the pupils.

The Park, Bede's Senior School