Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarships are offered for entry at 13+ and 16+ and recognise a pupil’s excellence in a particular discipline. Bede’s offers scholarships in Academics, Art, Dance, Drama, DT, Music, Performing Arts (Music and Drama) and Sport.

Our scholarships are given with a commitment from us to develop and extend each scholar’s talents, by providing expert tuition and coaching within a supportive culture that challenges each child to expect more of themselves.


If, in order to attend Bede’s, your child will need additional funding beyond the scholarship award, we will ask you to fill out a Statement of Financial Circumstances, which will need to be completed in advance of scholarship.

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Key Dates

16+ Scholarships
  Academic, Art, DT, Drama, Music, Sport Dance
Application deadline 16 October 2020 7 January 2021
By invitation only
Scholarship competition dates

Academic: 16 and 17 November 2020
Art: 17 November 2020
Drama: 18 November 2020
Music: 17 November 2020
Sport: 20 November 2020

26 January 2021
Results Early December 2020 Mid-February 2021
13+ Scholarships
  Art, DT, Drama, Music, Sport Academic Dance
Application deadline 7 January 2021 7 January 2020 7 January 2021
By invitation only
Scholarship competition dates

Sport: 29 January 2021
Art: 1 February 2021
DT: 1 February 2021
Music: 2 February 2021
Drama: 3 February 2021

5 February 2021 19 January 2021
Results Mid-February 2021 Mid-February 2021 Mid-February 2021

For more information contact the Registrar, Richard Mills at or the Director of Academic Scholars, Martin Vaux at

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