Applying for Legat

All pupils wishing to apply for a place in Legat should first complete the standard application process for Bede’s

If a pupil is applying for the Bede’s Legat Dance Academy, auditions will be held on Tuesday 1 February 2022.

Scholarship Dates

All auditions will be held on Tuesday 1 February 2022

Pupils wishing to be considered for scholarship should submit applications before Monday 10 January 2022. Please do contact the following people with any queries regarding this process:

Diana White (Legat) on 01323 356581
Marian Baker (Senior School Admissions) on 01323 356609

Families are welcome to visit Legat during our Open Mornings in March and September each year or as a personal visit on a normal school working day (please contact our Admissions team on 01323 356609).

Above image is © Tim Cross.

Join us for our Open Morning on Saturday

Our priority is to align the dual demands of dance training alongside a high-quality academic programme.

Sherrie Pennington, Director of Dance