Boarding at Bede's

Demand for boarding places has increased steadily in recent years with this upsurge driven in some part by a recognition that boarding enables pupils to maximise the opportunities available to them in a school as busy as Bede’s.

Bede’s Senior School offers full and weekly boarding options as well as day boarding by which day pupils are attached to a boarding house.

"‘A real atmosphere of family… brotherhood,’ said a pupil. In large boarding houses of around 80, pupils are organised into family groups of 10, spanning the year groups, who look out for each other."

- The Good Schools Guide

Bede's boasts five stunning boarding houses, two of which were recognised by the Institute of Chartered Surveyors in 2013 for their Outstanding Design and Innovation

Boarding at Bede's booklet

New Dorms Boarding House

In September 2022, we opened our new boarding house - Dorms House. The stunning new development features inspiration from its location next to the South Downs and includes modern facilities, accommodating 70 beds, as well as a 170 square metre atrium, learning spaces, flexible spaces for meetings and conferences, offices, kitchen facilities and storage areas. It also uses an eco-friendly heat source as part of the Trust's pledge to reduce its carbon footprint. See photos of our new Dorms House below:


Boarding Values

Dorter House

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Take a virtual tour one of our boarding houses below:

Camberlot: Boys Boarding House