The House System

In much the same way that the Bede's community functions as a large, extended family, the Houses at the Senior School see pupils from all year groups integrated into family units of sorts.

While, on the one hand, the House System provides a superb platform for the hotly contested House Competitions (including our annual House Music event, pictured above), the Houses are primarily a means whereby the potential of each individual can be capitalised upon.

Each teacher at Bede's is linked to one of the ten Houses and is a Personal Tutor within them; the Housemasters and Housemistresses oversee these teams of tutors, ably assisted by their Deputies and, in the case of the boarding houses, the Resident Tutors.

This family-style organisation ensures the safeguarding of pupils and also maximises their academic potential; each subject teacher corresponds constantly with Personal Tutors and Housemasters and, as a result, the teachers in each House can intervene in whatever manner appropriate - be that to praise, encourage or simply help.

Each House also boasts a number of House Prefects who take responsibility for overseeing House Councils, organising events, such as House Charity fundraising activities, and pass on recommendations for the improvement of the quality of life for their fellow House members.

All House Prefect at Bede's have to complete a formal application process and are given comprehensive training; those who then seek to can apply to be School Prefects in their final year at the School.