George is in the First Year and a day boarder in Dorms House. He is an Academic scholar and Legat dance student.

I’m a First Year Day Boarder in Dorms House and I usually get dropped off at around 7.45am, and will then join the boarders, usually in one of my friend’s rooms. We catch up while everyone gets sorted for the day. 

Because I’m a dancer and also play guitar I usually have quite a lot of kit with me so I will often take a pit-stop in Legat before heading off to my first lesson which today was English with Mr Cheshire. We were practising our journalism skills – writing reviews and opinion pieces which was fun. 

Because I am part of Legat I take a ballet class or do a conditioning session in timetable slots where others might be doing art or music. My days are a bit longer than other pupils here as I have classes through to 6.30pm - in order to accommodate my dance and academic programme.  I like the academics but it’s the dance lessons that I really look forward to.

I am trying to carve out some time at the moment to get a bit more involved in music so sometimes I will meet my music friends and play a bit of guitar in breaks. We have our first gig coming up at the First Year formal dinner, so we are trying to find time to rehearse wherever we can.

After break, it’s off to the Science department to Dr Lewis’ lesson. This is the first year that I have studied sciences as separate subjects which I am loving. Then it’s off to Maths. I’ve always liked Maths – it all just sits easily in my mind and I like Mr Wilkinson’s classes because he really stretches me and teaches us stuff way beyond the curriculum.

Then I head to lunch. Because I’ve got rehearsals at the moment for the junior production, Noughts and Crosses I only have time to grab a quick sandwich today before rehearsals start.  Although I’ve been involved in musicals before this is my first proper acting role.  I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie and met a whole new set of people, both from my year but also the year above. 

There’s time to grab 10 minutes on the lawn in the sunshine before I head back to house for roll call an then it’s off to Legat for the afternoon. 

I had three Legat classes today; two of which were focussed on technique and the third was some preparation for our forthcoming performance of a piece from Strictly Ballroom which we learnt recently when a choreographer came, and Don Quixote, both of which we are due to perform at Prize Giving.

At around 6.30pm it’s time for supper and it’s a good chance to relax with my friends from Legat at the end of the day.  There’s a group of around eight of us. We spend so much time together it becomes a bit like a family. Up in the dining hall I will also meet up with my friends from Dorms as well – it’s a really great atmosphere here in the evening. 

At 7pm my mum picks me up and then sometimes I might grab a second dinner at home before I shower and do some prep. My tutor is Miss Belhriti and she is really understanding if I have the occasional pressure point with dance and school work but I definitely make sure I say on top of my academics. I don’t know yet which route I will take with life so I have to keep all the balls in the air – I might become a dancer or try for Oxbridge! All I know is that for now all my options are still open and everything is working pretty well!

Interviewed in the Summer 2019

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