Megan is in the Lower Sixth and a day pupil in Bloomsbury House. She is studying Pre-U English, History, and Drama and Theatre at A Level and is working towards her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as part of the Bede’s Diploma. Megan has recently been appointed School and House Prefect.

I started at Bede’s in the Lower Sixth as a Drama Scholar. I used to go to a state school, and was inspired to apply for a Sixth Form scholarship here after seeing my friend Max in a variety of Bede’s Drama Productions, including Into The Woods and Great Expectations – and I am so happy that I did. The atmosphere here is great; Bede’s is a very diverse place and everyone is so lovely. The girls in Bloomsbury House made a real effort to make sure that I felt comfortable and settled in quickly, and it took no time at all for Bede’s to feel at home. I’m keen to help new pupils settle into school life as smoothly possible within my role as a House Prefect this year.

My day starts at home, where I get ready and eat breakfast before catching the school bus; I arrive at school by 8.10am. My first stop is Bloomsbury House, where I catch up with friends for 15 minutes before registration and lessons begin. Today’s first lesson is History with Mr Whitaker, where I’m due to give a presentation on US Civil Rights. Next, I have one of my “free” periods, so I pop in to see Mr Oliver with a question about a piece of poetry I’m considering submitting into a competition before heading to the Library for a quiet period of study. The academic workload definitely feels much higher at Sixth Form than GCSE – although we do fewer subjects, we study them in real depth. There is a lot to do, so I appreciate the opportunity of some quiet time to work through prep when I can.

Break is a great opportunity to catch up with friends, arrange meetings or attend one of the many talks at the School. Today we have the School Prefect meeting; here we are briefed about upcoming duties, report progress in our sub-committees, and feedback plans and ideas from pupils across the year groups to Senior Management.

It’s so important to have a pupil voice, and I find giving back to the School in this way very rewarding.I am on the Co-Curricular sub-committee, and one of the things that I would love to within my role this year is to organise more events that integrate pupils in different years and Houses. Last year, Freddie and Tristan organised a charity dinner for the Lower Sixth at which we were sat with people we wouldn’t usually speak with on a day-to-day basis. I would love to see more pupil-led events like this for all the year groups.

After break, I have an EPQ meeting with my supervisor, Mrs Walpole. The EPQ is one part of the Bede’s Diploma, and is a research-based project that can take the form of an essay, film, art project or even a performance piece. We have free choice on the topic we study; I am working on an essay on the theory of nature vs nurture in relation to people who commit violent crimes, which is very interesting and something I have never had the opportunity to study before. As well as the EPQ, the Bede’s Diploma offers interview workshops, volunteering opportunities and inspirational talks which show examples of leadership and prepare us for life after Bede’s.

I have always wanted to go to university but until recently was unsure of what I want to study. Mr Gibbs has given me a lot of helpful advice on the courses available and choosing the right one for me, as well as helping with my UCAS application. Mr Gibbs’ Higher Education expertise goes hand-in-hand with Mrs Franks’ Careers programme, which featured talks and workshops delivered by professionals from a variety of industries throughout the term. As I’m not 100% sure on what I want to do as a career, I have found this programme really useful and make an effort to go to as many careers seminars as I can. I have so far attended talks on careers in history and heritage, media, the law and many others, as well as a one-to-one session with Mrs Franks to run through my interests and skillsets and some possible career pathways that complement them.

After a delicious lunch, it’s time for activities. We have three afternoon activity sessions per week and can change our choices every term. I have been involved in a wide range of activities in my relatively short time here, from volunteering at Park Mead Primary School and fitness sessions (including the gym and swimming) to rehearsals for our annual Edinburgh Fringe production.

As a Drama Scholar, the performing arts play a big role in my school life. We performed The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui at the Fringe last August, which was a fantastic opportunity to perform in a new setting to a new audience

My first school performance was at last year’s Senior Production, The Crucible (pictured top), which took place after only one week of my being at the School. I remember being very nervous, as many of the people involved in the productions have been working together for years, but everyone was so supportive. I'm really looking forward to rehearsals for our big Cabaret production in the Autumn Term. The event is a highly-anticipated date in the school calendar; it's held in December every year and involves 120 pupils on stage and behind the scenes.

After rehearsals, I go back to House to do some more prep. There is a late bus available from Monday to Thursday at 7.15pm every week during term time, which is great as we can have our dinner here and get a good amount of work done before we head home for the evening. All Sixth Form pupils get their own desk in House, or we can see some of the teachers on duty if we need any help.

After a long and exciting day, I catch the school bus home ready for some rest and relaxation before we start again tomorrow!

Interviewed in the Summer 2019

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